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The Castle

San Leo Wedding

From war to love. Built in the 15th Century to protect the town against war or invasion, San Leo Castle is the ultimate venue for your wedding celebration. A unique castle which combines imposing architecture and interiors with exclusive opportunities and services for the newlyweds and their guests.


The Castle is an impressive example of Italian medieval art and history, with the typical features of Renaissance architecture buildings. The fortress is divided into two distinct levels: at the top stands the impressive tower with an elongated shape, while below two linked towers complement the building. The fort has decorative motifs such as cornices and corbels.

The structure is characterized by the presence of three squares of different sizes and positions, called Squares of Arms, as well as open galleries that connect the various parts of the building, placed at different heights.

Third outdoor reception square

The perfect venue for your wedding reception

The Castle’s architecture provides the ideal space for a sumptuous wedding reception, especially if you opt for an evening ceremony. From the Castle’s squares and turrets, you can enjoy a unique sunset overlooking the entire valley, from the mountains to the sea.

The venue’s spectacular natural beauty, combined with the large number of outdoor and indoor spaces allow the newlyweds to enjoy an intimate and suggestive ambience on their big day.


Only at San Leo Castle can you celebrate civil marriages – outdoors or indoors!


The older part and residential wing are in the upper part of the Fort, which also includes the Mastio (keep) with its square turrets. The two towers, the massive corbeled wall and the keep surround the so-called Place d’Armes, which leads to the ducal residence through a flight of steps and a Gothic entrance.

The Little Turret for civilian ceremonies indoors

The most famous place at San Leo Castle is a sparsely-furnished cell inside the Mastio called Pozzetto (Cagliostro’s Well) where the enigmatic alchemist and healer Count Cagliostro died in agony on August 26, 1795 after being convicted of heresy by the Holy Inquisition.

The perfect space for the Bride to prepare for her great day is Bettolino, a private room overlooking the San Leo village and the Marecchia valley. From there, the Bride can make her grand entry to the wedding function in the second square by walking through the majestic Gothic entrance.

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San Leo Castle seen from above

Map of the Castle

Castle Features:


120 indoor seats


3 squares for your wedding ceremony, reception and cake cutting


2 towers for your ceremony and reception


1 Bridal preparation room


Free guided tours for your wedding guests