The fortress comprises two distinct sections, belonging to different periods: in the highest part, the ancient keep with the three typical square towers; connected to the latter, the residential wing and the circular towers joined by an imposing wall.


The fortified complex is completed by a series of squares and open spaces in which the bride and groom can welcome their guests to a reception that blends dream and reality.


In the towers, i.e. the internal areas of the fortress, there are numerous historic art objects and implements that will lead you on a journey through time, which will lend a touch of charm and magic to your special day.


Inside both towers, you can celebrate your civil ceremony with a large area set up for guests.



The main tower, which is accessible from the large Parade Ground, is almost entirely linked to the reconstruction commissioned by Federico di Montefeltro and carried out by his military architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. It houses cannons, halberds, crossbows and armour.


While the smaller tower is the result of a nineteenth-century reconstruction by the architect Giuseppe Valadier.