After passing through the entrance gate to the Fortress, visitors come to the first parade ground.


This romantic historical setting is the ideal location for an aperitif/wedding reception and to entertain guests.


From the parade ground, facing north-west, visitors can get a view of part of San Leo and the access road to the town.


Returning to the parade ground through another gateway, you can access the second parade ground, which is enclosed by a double curtain of walls and two circular towers.


This is undoubtedly the parade ground which offers the widest view of the valley. From here you can admire the old town of San Leo, the River Marecchia, and part of the surrounding valley, and from the smaller Tower, you can glimpse a romantic view of the sea and of the neighbouring areas of San Marino, Verucchio and Montebello.


In this magical parade ground, civil wedding ceremonies can be performed, and everything required for a reception can be set up.


From the second parade ground, you can reach the THIRD PARADE GROUND by means of a staircase and through a “Gothic gateway”.


Overlooking this parade ground is the ducal residence, a building that is clearly detached from the rest of the fortress.


Inside there is perhaps the most famous and most visited place of the fortress: the so-called “well”, i.e., the cell located in one of the three square towers of the dungeon, where for four years the alchemist Cagliostro was imprisoned, condemned for heresy by the Holy Inquisition, and who died in San Leo in 1795.


This parade ground provides a romantic view of San Marino and a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding villages.


Here you can formalize your marriage with a civil rite and organize your reception/refreshments for all your guests.